Undefeated X Kuumba

Well, this release definitely caught me by surprise! 

This isn't the first time the 2 brands have come together to work their magic. In fact over the years they have teamed up to produce a liquid incense spray, fragrance tag and pack of incense sticks. Out of the 3 products I am lucky enough to own the spray titled "Remous" which is a beautiful product.

No, the part that caught me by surprise was the metal can incense burner! We have seen colloboration acrylic holders before but this is a first. The metal can design has been available for years through the Kuumba website directly. Coming in a regular and jumbo variant in a choice of White, Black or Bare Metal colours. 

What we see here is an in your face loud orange colour scheme adorned with Undeafeated branding on the front and subtle Kuumba brand on the rear. Finished off with an army style khaki carry case.

Along side this collaboration we are treated to another pack of incense too.

Here at Incense Corner we hope to get our hands on the incense soon and give it a review. As for the can - I already own a Kuumba can and use it frequently. It is one of the best purchases I've ever made. But I am still tempted to acquire this beauty.

Whats your thoughts on this release? I think its fantastic and hope to see Kuumba keep up their strong collaboration work for years to come. 

Metal can burner available here: http://undefeated.com/accessories/misc/undefeated-x-kuumba-original-metal-can-burner-orange

Incense sticks pack available here: http://undefeated.com/accessories/misc/undefeated-x-kuumba-incense